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this video is NOT an animation meme, please don't make it into one ❤
read through the description PLEASE!!! thank you

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ANYWAY, it's been a while.
there are a couple reasons for that, one is that i tried making and ended up scrapping two videos, and once i started this one it took several months to finish. this is the longest animation i've ever made, and im reaally happy i got it done!!

there is no deep meaning behind this video, im aware that the song is about someone cheating on their partner however i used it for something different. i thought it'd be cool to feature my personas from alternate universes alongside my main persona, as if im cheating on my character by making so many other versions of her. its kind of a stretch but i like it
here is a list of each version:
cudbear (blue hair): fnaf oc from like 2015
boolil (white hair): my persona possessed by king boo, becoming a queen boo of some sorts
spiderlil: my spidersona
lonelil (wearing a suit): this version is a little more complicated with her own original story. shes better described as part of my persona rather than another version of her
ahrilil (kitsune): i play league of legends from time to time, and ive always enjoyed playing ahri, specifically star guardian ahri the most. i made a persona based on sg ahri bc of that
ratlil: you all know her from the rats video
boylil: simply a genderbent version of my persona
firelil (firebender): my ATLA persona, i love avatar so i couldnt resist making a firebender persona

song used:
outro song:

tools i used:
paint tool SAI, to create the frames
sony vegas pro 13, to edit them together
huion gt 185 , tablet

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