Sleeping Beauty Teen Kingdom Hearts Adventures Trailer

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From Creator of Bambicules Junior, Trio Junior in Wonderland, 101 Rabbits and Soarinladdin, Here another of my spoof as part of Toontopia Saga infinity or Teen Kingdom Hearts Adventures, When my daughter fall love of her Love Raven (2003) and Ryuko Matoi :D and thanks The Magical Girls for give me Princess Elena, Adora and Princess Allura, and of course I love shipping Evil Selena and Evil Alex as Maleficent and Hades.

Selena Gomez as Maleficent
Anya as Princess Aurora
Raven and Ryuko Matoi as Prince Phillip
Princess Elena as Flora
Adora/She-Ra as Fauna
Princess Allura as Merryweather
Alex The God of Toontopia as King Stefan
Twilight Sparkle (Human) as Queen Leah
Wreck-It-Ralph as King Hubert
Suicune as Samson
Bela as Diablo
Indoraptor as Maleficent (Dragon)

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