Simpsons Theory: Homer Is A God (Seriously)

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When you put the pieces together, it becomes very clear that Homer Simpson is no mere mortal! Subscribe to our channel:

Welcome back to ScreenRant! For today’s video, we’re going to take you to church! But no worries, there’s no serious religious debates here -- we’re going to The First Church of Springfield where Reverend Lovejoy gives his weekly sermon -- and sitting there among the crowd is none other than Homer J. Simpson. Now he may be nodding off or secretly listening to football games -- but the church could be his true calling because we have fallen for a popular Simpsons theory: Homer is God! How could a dim-witted father of three be god? Well, in the thirty-plus years of the Simpsons, there’s plenty of precedent to help back up this claim. First of all -- let’s deal with some of the initial counter arguments that may pop into your head. In episodes like “Homer The Heretic” or “My Way or the Highway to Heaven”, we actually see god, with five fingers as opposed to the traditional four featured on all the other Springfield residents. Well, the theory here is focused on Homer being “A” god, not “THE” god. Much like Zeus and his eleven other Olympic gods -- there’s room for Homer to be a god as well. Second problem -- if Homer is a God, then how come he doesn’t use his powers or chooses to live an ordinary life in Springfield? Simple: he doesn’t know he’s a God -- something we’ll get back to a little later on.

Sure, laugh it up and claim we’re digging too deep here, but sit back, relax, and let us break things down for you. By the end -- you’ll probably not just want to watch some Simpsons episodes, but you may just be convinced that Homer actually is a god!

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