Road To 12-0! NBA 2K20 MyTEAM Live Stream (Unlimited Gameplay) Jerry Lucas? SWEATY ROAD! Road to 1.1

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We are back on Road To 12-0! NBA 2k20 MyTEAM Live Stream (Unlimited Gameplay)........ We’re starting fresh with a new weapon…. YESSIR let’s get this chicken!!!!! It’s time to LOCK IN!!! Galaxy Opal Jerry Lucas should be on myteam unlimited board soon ….Its time to hoop in the unlimited streets….. But lets be real we have a sweaty month among us!! We got 31 more days to get Jerry can Galaxy Opal Glen Rice and Galaxy Opal Ben lead us!!!!! The Road To 12-0 Is Long…… Pause!!!!!! HOODIE ON!!!!!! Let Galaxy Opal Ben Simmons LOOSEEEE!!!!!!!!! Pink Diamond Thurl has to hoop!!!!!!!! We’ll mix some triple threat online gameplay in there too. Also is Galaxy Opal Lebron in mystery packs in TTO? What is GOING ON!!!
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