'R*NA ISN'T STOPPING US - Rocky Mountain Race Week 2020 - Video 1 PREP

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The race world's schedule has been up in the air but Rocky Mountain Race Week is FINALLY HERE! It has been a 2 month long prep (yes, I know that sounds crazy) for a race we weren't sure would even happen. However, Badmaro is ready and better than ever to hopefully defend my title but most importantly have fun! AND this time Dad is bringing Retro to race week for the first time ever! We are going to do our best to share updates everyday, as long as the cars corporate. Race Week 2020, let's go!

A HUGE thank you to WireCare for being Rocky Mountain Race Week Badmaro partner!

WireCare Insta - @wirecare_inc
Instagram: @alextaylorracing
Facebook: Alex Taylor Racing
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