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JunyTony Phonics with brand new stories and songs!
Sing along from A to Z with us,
then the basic sound, the vocabularies,
and even the sentences will be all yours!
How fun and easy it is to study English with JunyTony!



Rabbit on roller skates
Rabbit on roller skates
Let’s roll on roller skates at the rink.

Run, run, run.
“It’s a river!”
Run, run, run.
“Look at those roses!”
Run, run, run.
“It’s rainy!”
Run, run, Rabbit!
Run, run, run.

Rhino in a race car
Rhino in a race car
Let’s ride the race car,
rectangle race car.

Run, run, run.
“It’s a railroad.”
Run, run, run.
“Look at those ribbons!”
Run, run, run.
“It’s my favorite restaurant!”
Run, run, Rhino!
Run, run, run.


Raccoon in a rocket
Raccoon in a rocket
Let’s ride the rocket, red rocket!

Rush, rush, rush.
“Look at Saturn’s rings!”
Rush, rush, rush.
“Look at those reindeer!”
Rush, rush, rush.
“It’s a rainbow!”
Rush, rush, Raccoon!
Rush, rush, rush.

Run, run, run, Rabbit.
Run, run, run, Rhino.
Rush, rush, rush, Raccoon.
Rabbit, Rhino, Raccoon!

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