Princess is a Bloodthirsty Surgeon Episode 70 English Edition

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Published on January 7, 2021

Everyone I’m Adrie Manga.

I want to share this kind of video that I always read on my android phone and I decided to upload it on youtube. Sharing this video for those people who love reading manga, anime and etc.

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Disclaimers: This videos is all about manga series. You may download it on your andriod phone  just  go  playstore Apps then Search Mangatoon/Webcomics.


The Heart is Captivity Episode 41-42

Princess Agent’s Cultivation Guide Episode 21-22

 Princess is a bloodthirsty  Episode 1-4

Princess is a Bloodthirsty Surgeon Episode 5-7

Super Earningpal Episode 1-2

Crazy update of Princess is a Bloodthirsty Surgeon

Trapped by the Ceo Episode 1-5 


Schedules for uploading:

      Princess is a Bloodthirsty  Surgeon – Every Saturday

     Princess Agent’s Cultivation Guide – Every Thursday

     My Mom is Not to be Messed With – Every Sunday

     Slaughter Queen Reborn – Every Sunday


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See you on my next episode
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