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A session with Diana (my 4th) this one looks at the dynamics playing out between her two sons, the surprising ancestry and past lives of William (George V), Kate (Catherine of Aragon), Harry (Henry VIII) and Meghan (Ann Boleyn)...explaining the need to let the story play out - Karma is at play, and healing the bloodline - but we must step out of wanting the 'fairy tale' to be the way WE want it...Diana makes us see that all our families are intwined with people we have been with before - we are all just playing different roles in this life - and Royalty is a soul choice MANY it isn't an easy path despite its trappings...
Referencing also the bond between William and Harry that cannot be broken, Dianas attempts to soothe her son, as well as forthcoming Coronation energies, Charles, Duty versus Freedom, Mental Health, and Harrys future journey - at some point he gets closer again to his blood family - also referencing the song by Dermot Kennedy - 'You've got the Power over me' also as given by Diana ...
As always more to say - will save that for my next session with her - Dianas balanced, loving energy for all parties within her family is beautiful, and healing to be in the presence of....thank you Diana - we love you and appreciate you spending time with us.

Amanda x

Dermot Kennedy - 'You've got the Power over me'

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