Playing WWE 2K Battlegrounds For The First Time Ever! (CHALLENGE)

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Today, I'll be playing WWE 2K Battlegrounds for the first time ever! But this is also a CHALLENGE video! If I happen to lose my first match, then I have to walk around with action figures in my socks! Big shoutout to 2K for sponsoring this video! If you want to get Battlegrounds, use my referral link here -} #ad #WWE2KBattlegrounds

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WWE 2K Battlegrounds is a brand new arcade-style game that brings a breathe of fresh air from their simulation games like WWE 2K20. Sim games are fun but BGs is something anyone can learn quickly and enjoy with friends and family. If I lose my first match, I have to do a painful challenge of putting action figure toys in my socks/shoes and walk around the house.
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