Playing Variety Roblox Games! Cause I'm Roblox Live ????

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Welcome to the Live Stream! I will be playing variety Roblox Games with you guys for fun! Since I get bored most of the time, I've decided to spend time with you guys instead! :D


Join this channel to get access to perks:

In order to play with me on Roblox, you MUST FOLLOW ME on Roblox! (Link is below in the description.)

1. No explicit language.
2. No negativity! We should all have positive behavior gamers!
3. No excessive spam! (Like why?)
4. Do not ask for mod. (Everything is in control lol)
5. Be respectful to others and our community! Positive vibes gamers! :)
6. No asking for robux! (You should know this now)
7. No self-promotion in the chat! (Zero Tolerance)
8. No sexual comments!
9. Links are NOT allowed. (Don't )

Links to xThyEdgarx:
My Roblox Profile:


xThyEdgarx's Fan Shirt! (Only 8 Robux)

Join the Official xThyEdgarx's Fan Group on Roblox! (It's Free)



big noob. - shirts, long sleeves, and hoodie:

big feet. - different colors of socks:

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iPhone Cases - different colors for iPhone Users:

iPhone Black Case:

Samsung Cases - different colors for Samsung Users:

Thanks for coming by! :)
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