Playing the First Solid Body Electric Guitar (*well... it’s complicated)

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Playing the first solid body electric guitar as we know it today!
History here is a bit murky so to be clear, there were certainly electric solid body guitars that were invented prior to this one. But they either didn't resemble the electric guitars as we know them today or have the same impact in popularizing them.
I think that's a fair conclusion I've gotten to in learning about this instrument.
Bear in mind though, I'm just some guy with a youtube channel.

Thanks to:
Discovery World and the Les Paul House of Sound

Sue Baker, Program Director of the Les Paul Foundation

Tyler Brenner, Milwaukee Guitar Company

Thanks to Josh Grange and Chris Ledrew for that clip of the Rickenbacker Frying Pan:

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Recorded and mixed by Rob Ruccia of Uptown Recording:
Video edit by Jake Jarvi:

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