Playing RuneScape Properly: a Full 2,600 Hour Journey

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The full adventure of Playing RuneScape Properly. This journey through Runescape is filled with adventure, challenges, learning and good memories. Over a year of dedication in completing quests, slaying monsters of all shapes and sizes, and forging my strongest Runescape character yet - all from scratch. Thank you to B0aty for giving me permission to use this as the name of the series.

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All OSRS Remix Soundtracks are produced by OSRSBeatz

Music licensed via Monstercat Media can be found here:

Non-copyright music produced by Kevin Macleod
Royalty Free Music by
High [NCS Release] - JPB
Newbie Melody
Muzzy - Spectrum
Crystal Sword
Clan Wars
Epic Motivational Rock Music
Waterflame - Glorious Morning
Tristam - Devotion
Rootkit - Against the Sun (ft. Anna Yvonne)
High - JPB
Suspense Music
Autumn Voyage
Skifonix - Addicted
Mellow by OSRSBeatz
Dangerous Road
Newbie Melody - Orchestral Collection
Still Night (Synthwave Trap Remix)
RuneScape Theme - Orchestral Collection
Muzzy - Feeling Strong
The Orchestral Collection - Horizon
Pest Control by OSRSBeatz
Epic Music Mix - Drums and Percussion
The Orchestral Collection - Born To Do This II
Muzzy - Feeling Stronger
[DnB] - Feint - Snake Eyes (feat. CoMa) [Monstercat Release]
High JPB
A Hero's Return on the Orchestral Collection
Kevin Macleod - Decisions
Interloper by Kevin Macleod
Epic Action Hero Jingle Punks
Fear and Loathing on the OSRS Soundtrack
K by Kevin Macleod
Discovery - Cinematic Motivation Royalty Free
New Summits Vincent Tone
Monkeys Spinning Monkeys
Kronicle - Another Chill Day
Clan Wars by OSRSBeatz
White City
Horizon - Orchestral Collection
Baroque on the RuneScape Soundtrack
And so it begins (NCS)
Wildwood - OSRS Soundtrack
Serenade - OSRS Soundtrack
Autumn Voyage on the Orchestral Collection
Unknown Land - OSRS Soundtrack
Eminence - Falling Stars
Rootkit - Against the Sun feat. Anna Yvette
The Victory of War
An Adventure called life - Score Squad
Bay Breeze - Forty Thr33
Book of Spells by OSRSBeatz
High by JPB
Against the Sun ft. Anna Yvette
Hidden Agenda by Kevin Macleod
Dangerous Road on the OSRS Soundtrack
Barbarianism by OSRSBeatz
Shining by OSRSBeatz
Wilderness by OSRSBeatz
Shining - Trap Remix
Himan - Kevin Macleod
Sneaky Snitch by Kevin Macleod
Mountain Emperor
Hitman by Kevin Macleod
Voyage on the OSRS Soundtrack
Discovery - Cinematic NCS
Electro-Light - Symbolism
Transient - Ghostrifter Official
Movement Proposition
Tobu - Rollercoaster
Anevo - Don't Shoot me Down
Ethereal - Approaching Nirvana
Rameses B - Asteroid
Feels Good For You - THBD
Epic Action Hero - Jingle Punks
Dubday Cymatix
Exotic Battle
Epic Action Battle Music
Grant - Starship
Varien - Gunmetal Black
Harmony 2
Al Kharid
Cataclysmic Molten Core - YouTube Audio Library
Talking Forest
Tobu - Running Away
ElementD - Giving In Ft. Mees Van Den Berg (NCS)
Scape Five on the OSRS Soundtrack
Varien - Nights in Bangalore Pt. 2
Koven - Get this right
Bad Computer - New Dawn
Glitz at the Ritz 1 by Gavin Luke
Kovan - Electro Light - Skylight
Anevo - Don't Me Down (ft. Jae-Mi)
Expanse on the OSRS Soundtrack
Shine on the OSRS Soundtrack
To the top - Score Squad
Motivating and Upbeat Background Music No Copyright
Our Last Hope - Dragon Tamer
Race against Time - Hampus Naesellus
When All Kingdoms Fall - Edgar Hopp
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