Playing Pokemon with Reversed Controls!? • BW2 Versus • 03

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Pokemon Black 2 Master Mode Versus Episode! We are playing through Pokemon Black 2 but everything is random! The Trainers, the wild Pokemon, the gyms, etc! Make sure to subscribe and not miss a single episode!

Pokemon Versus Playlist:

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Master Mode Rules:
1 - Any Pokémon that faints is considered "dead," and must be released or stored in a specified PC box for "dead" Pokémon.

2 - You can only catch the first Pokémon encountered in each area, and none else. If the first Pokémon encountered faints or flees, there are no second chances.

3 - Every 15 minutes, we will spin a wheel with randomized challenges picked from the comment section!

4 - Whoever defeats the Champion wins the versus

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