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How many times did Emma Watson audition before snagging the iconic role? To which extremes did she go to get into character? And what is the dark secret she revealed about playing Hermione Granger?

Although Watson and her co-stars had loads of fun filming Harry Potter behind the scenes, her role wasn’t without its challenges. (Emma Watson Hermione challenges)

When she was first cast in the role, she was only nine, so couldn’t have prepared for the overwhelming worldwide fame that would accompany it! When she got home after just hearing she’d snagged the role, the press was already waiting outside her home – and she had to go to a hotel immediately. We’ll delve into this but also another dark secret Watson has revealed.

Have you ever wondered about Hermione Granger behind the scenes? Emma has one regret whenever she sees her younger self in the movies! And she used to do something on the set that drove everyone mad – and is mortifying today. (Emma Watson funny) And it's not the on-screen kiss between Ron (Rupert Grint) and Hermione, although there’s a few funny moments related to that too. (emma Watson Harry Potter)

Wait until you hear about her crush on the set! Can you guess whether it was Draco Malfoy’s Tom Felton – or maybe Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter?

Watch our video to get a deeper insight into what it took for Emma Watson to become Hermione Granger. (Emma Watson Hermione Granger)

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