PLAYING GOLF WITH A 50 YEAR OLD GOLF BALL! Does it make a difference?

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I PLAY GOLF WITH A GOLF BALL THAT IS OLDER THAN ME! IM PLAYING AT HEYTHROP PARK GOLF CLUB in Oxfordshire. As said in the title this golf ball is 50 years old and is a very hard golf ball! This might help checking up on the green and might help with my short game. Although how will this ball fair off the tee? We will see! This is not really a review of the 50 year old golf ball but i wanted to see if it made any difference by instead of using a titleist pro v1 or a taylormade tp5 I use this 50 year old golf ball!

Slazenger B51 Tour Golf Balls
With an advanced multi-layer technology, these professional performance golf balls push the limits for a visibly longer shot! Featuring a dual radius dimple pattern, these Slazenger B51 Tour Golf Balls provide wind shearing aerodynamics for a more consistent ball flight.


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Mantle Technology
The wound ball was once a top choice of pro players because it was easier to control, even though it sacrificed distance relative to harder balls. Modern technology has replaced the windings with mantles of synthetic rubber or plastic. As of 2012, multi-layer balls contain from one to three mantle layers between the core and the cover. Each mantle helps to reduce the ball’s spin when it’s hit by a driver. Excessive spin causes the ball to soar higher in the air with a resultant loss of distance.

Core Technology
Liquid cores are basically gone, replaced by a variety of synthetic rubber materials, with polybutadiene – a polymer that combines elasticity with the ability to rebound quickly – a popular choice. A recent Nike golf ball uses a very lightweight resin core designed to reduce spin on drives while maintaining control with short iron shots, thereby limiting the gap in the distance vs. control trade-off.

The Five-Piece Ball
TaylorMade created the first five-piece ball (cover, core and three mantles) in 2009. The soft rubber core limits the ball’s spin rate off the tee. Each of the three mantle layers then becomes progressively firmer. The innermost mantle layer is made from soft synthetic rubber. The middle layer is constructed with HPF 1000 (a thermoplastic polymer), with the outer mantle made from firm thermoplastic. The ball is designed to give high-level golfers the best of both worlds, providing lower spin rates (resulting in greater distance) on drives and high spin rates (permitting more control) when struck by lofted clubs.

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