Opening NEW Lost Kitties Toys | Who Is Hidden Inside?????❤️????

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Today Sue has prepared a surprise for Sam! Amazing Lost Kitties!

This time we got Mice Mania series! The boxes are shaped like milk cartons! And we have two bottles of cream here! By the way, surprisingly, there're both cats and mice in this series and we hope they can make friends!

We'll start unboxing the little boxes! They are so cute and really look like milk cartons. Inside each box there is clay and blind bags with a surprise. You only need to release the bag from the clay, open it and find out who is hiding inside! In our bags we found charming cats and accessories!

Next we will open a large package Lost Kitties! This is a Mice Mania set with 5 toys. Cute mice must be among them! Here we've got a sticker. We bet our mice are hiding right here! Let's open the bags quickly to find out who's there!

We still have two bottles to open! Check it out. There is one kitty and 2 mice in this bottle. Hmm, who's hiding under the cap? There's no clay here, so it's easier to get the baggies. All we have to do is open this mysterious blind bag now. The bottles have interesting instructions to open them!

Our collection of Lost Kitties is growing! We’re so happy about that! We hope you enjoyed this cute unboxing too!

Unboxing the cutest cats on the internet

Find a cat in a carton of milk

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