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The Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry says it’s making some progress on fixing problems that have kept out-of-work Pennsylvanians from receiving unemployment benefits.

Acting Labor Secretary Jennifer Berrier told reporters this week that some people are not being given the option to claim pandemic unemployment assistance for previous weeks in January.

Berrier stated, “We have identified the issue and we’re working towards resolving it. At this time, there is nothing they need to do.”

State officials also said many people who put in claims for multiple weeks in January only got paid for one week.

However, in a recent announcement, those payments should soon start appearing in the claimant’s accounts.

Residents in Oregon who are out of work will soon receive fewer weeks of extended jobless benefits starting next month due to the state’s unemployment rate.

The state has been offering jobless Oregonians who exhaust their regular unemployment benefits an extra 13 weeks due to the state’s unemployment rate.

Although the unemployment rate climbed to in December, the rate has still been below for the last three months.

This prompted the federal government to inform Oregon officials they could no longer offer the extended benefits.

Jobless residents will still be able to receive extended benefits through a separate relief program, funded by the federal government.

The program expires on February 20th and claimants will be automatically transferred to the PEUC program for an additional 11 weeks.

After at least a month without receiving any unemployment insurance benefits, claimants on two federal programs should expect to be able to certify beginning this weekend.

Michigan’s UIA said it will meet its goal for getting the new federal programs up by Saturday.

The groups awaiting benefits include claimants seeking PEUC benefits or through the PUA program.

There are at least 200,000 Michigan residents who fall into one of these two groups and who haven’t received a check since the end of December.

You should be able to receive back pay for the four weeks you were waiting for the state to set up these benefits.

If you still haven’t applied for unemployment assistance, start the weekend off right and apply today!





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