Meghan Markle's Character should matter to improve race relations

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There was a lot happening in the Oprah interview. I plan to break down my thoughts on the interview in several videos. In this first look, I discuss my thoughts on racism and how sometimes it is not about race rather, it’s about your character. The issues of racism will never get better if we don’t start to heal from past racism and look to other issues that could be the cause of a person of colors issues of reprimand. Does it always lead to racism or does character not matter, do the lies that come from people of color not matter, do all roads lead to racism? In this vlog I discuss some of my initial thoughts to Harry and Meghan’s cries of racism and look to how they have behaved as the root cause of their problems. The Oprah interview was interesting but at the same time I was left with some unanswered questions and I wonder if they’ll ever be answered or will the lies and deceit of the famous couple will continue to perpetuate throughout the mainstream media. DR. KING: Judge not by the color of ones skin but by their character!

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