March 2021 Energy Update: New levels of PURPOSE and PEACE

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The March 2021 #EnergyUpdate has arrived! We have several themes this month.

A few of the major headlines are:

- New levels of PURPOSE and PEACE showing up in more of us at this point in time.

-There is a POWER RISE in people that is beginning to surface in evident ways; INNOVATION, CREATION, and feeling like you are through the shell-shock of this past year.

-How to MULTIPLY your HEART ENERGY in your life and on Earth.
And last, but by no means least,

-HOW IS YOUR BODY DOING right now and the importance of keeping a check on that at times like this.

Check out the full Energy Update for all of this and more here:

Have a great month and look after yourselves.

Big love,

▶️ Themes:
1:21 - Exhaustion and fatigue are REAL and need SUPPORT. Take time to RECOVER.
03:39 - New levels of PURPOSE AND PEACE in the now.
05:12 - POWER RISE in people begins now.
07:18 - Unconscious REACTIVITY and TRIGGERS in you, in others CONTAGIOUS.
11:09 - Power phase - FREEDOM and CONTROL in the outside world and within us.
12:40 - Multiply HEART ENERGY - Give it. Seek it. Know WHERE IT IS WELCOME.
16:14 - How is your body doing? ASK it and GIVE it what it needs.
19:12 - Allow the MAGIC and INNOVATION in by tending to your SELF-CARE and seeking higher vibrations.

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