Living the dream with a self-playing SEGA Grand Piano

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I’ve always wanted a self-playing Grand Piano. I just had to compromise on the grand.
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Q) Isn’t this called a 'Player Piano'?
A) I was initially going to call them that, but I had a vague feeling that name might not be factually correct. I checked and apparently a piano like a Yamaha Disklavier is not a ‘Player Piano’. It seems that ‘Player Pianos’ require a degree of continuous human manipulation to play - see So this toy isn’t technically a ‘player piano’ it’s more like a mini ‘Reproducing Piano’. However since that’s a term unfamiliar to most people (myself included) I chose to substitute the more easily understandable ‘self-playing piano’ instead. This is one of those ones where you can’t win for losing. Use the commonly used term and its wrong, use the correct term and no one knows what you’re talking about.

Q) I think your audio output problem is to do (insert random guess here, probably something about power supplies)
A) I tried four different power supplies and various patch leads, also tried ferrite cores on the power and line out wires - also played it out in the garden to see if it was anything to do with wireless electrical interference. The noise persisted. The long and short of it is that it’s just a bit knackered. The audio issue is present on the internal speaker too, but to a lesser degree. It isn’t present on manually played piano audio - just during automatic playback, both internal and from SD. It’s just some dodgy components in the player circuitry that are on their way out after thirteen years, probably surface mount capacitors. Yes they shouldn’t be, but they are, stuff happens. This should be considered a warning to anyone thinking of buying one of these as this might well be a common problem.

Q) It’s from Sega Toys not Sega
A) Yep

Q) Why didn’t you play (insert song here)
A) Unfortunately it’s not practical to play every song in a quick video

Q) Why didn’t you show the internals
A) I didn’t want to break it - but you can see them here: ~rider/
(It looks much how you’d imagine - a load of electromagnets and a circuit board).



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