King's Quest 1 (1984)

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I had to do a video of this game, King's Quest is the series that introduced me to adventure games, and will always be special for me. I will also upload a video of the remake of KQ1 by AGDI Interactive at And by the way, you should check The Silver Lining (unofficially AKA KQIX) at

Expect to see more KQ game videos in the future on this account :)

King's Quest: Quest for the Crown is a 1984 computer game, originally published for the IBM PCjr simply as King's Quest. The story and the general design of the game was developed by Roberta Williams. Williams was the chief designer of all official releases of King's Quest, working with the series all the way through to the last official release, King's Quest: Mask of Eternity. The game was originally released simply as King's Quest, the subtitle "Quest for the Crown" was added to the game box in the 5th rerelease (1987), but did not appear in the game itself. The 1990 remake was renamed King's Quest 1: Quest for the Crown (King's Quest I on the box).

The Kingdom of Daventry is in serious trouble because its precious magical items have been stolen: a mirror that tells the future, a shield that protects its wearer against danger, and a chest that is always filled with gold. King Edward the Benevolent (who has no other heir) sends his bravest knight, Sir Graham, to retrieve them. If he succeeds, he will become the next king.

In 2001, the group AGD Interactive released an unofficial remake based on Sierra's 1990 version, under a fan license from Vivendi Universal, updating the graphics to use VGA colors, dropping the parser in favor of an interface that mimics that of King's Quest V and VI, as well as adding full speech for all characters of the game. The latter is especially noteworthy in that even though it is an unofficial, fan-made project, the game's protagonist Sir Graham is voiced by Josh Mandel, who also spoke the part in Sierra's official CD-ROM full-speech versions of King's Quest V and VI.
In 2003 they released Version 3.0, which added translation pack support, bug fixes, optimized music and speech packs.
In January 2009, AGD Interactive released Version 4.0 of the game, under the fan license from Vivendi Universal. The graphics, animations and voice-acting was redone and improved dramatically, including corrections to a long list of problems compiled from fan feedback.

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