Inosuke Nichirin Blades "Tutorial" (ft. crude animations)

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Do people even read description boxes anymore... might as well write one anyways for the few that actually read them.

Hello! Happy New Year! I tried to get this video done earlier around mid December or at least before the end of 2019 but uh... I failed. New year, new video? Also life update no one wanted: I'm job hunting right now so uploads will be sparse (as if they weren't already). I will try to upload a video on how I did Inosuke's shoes in the future when I get the time, but I will at least try to post a illustrated guide on my Instagram sometime in the early January hopefully?

Anyways... here is the video for how I made my nichirin blades for my Inosuke cosplay (pics on IG). I used balsa wood if anyone wants to know. Is very light but very soft so opt for a firmer wood if you want. Also apologies for the bad quality final product footage at the end. I forgot to record them so I did them literally about an hour ago with my friend's phone because I didn't have the camera I borrowed anymore (is somewhere in China with my friend right now).

I read and try to reply to comments when I can for the first week or so (the mask video got very overwhelming in how many comments it was getting so sorry I couldn't reply back to everyone). I did not expect so many people to see it aha.... O_O BUT I've received lots of DMs and tags from people who finished their own masks. Y'all been so nice like oof I'm so honored. Also somehow my mask tutorial was used for making masks used at demonstrations in Chile a while ago... 2019 has been a crazy year. Thank you for all your support and thank you for 11k+ subscribers (I'd understand if lot of you dip after the crude art/animations in this video) but stick around if you want to. I may or may not bless/curse YouTube with non building related animations. (Someone revoke my drawing tablet now). I'll stop typing up essays now. Hope you enjoy the video and congrats to actually reading this full description box till the end ;)

Reminder about the Inosuke mask video!!!
"Please read the pinned comment below! Someone graciously bestowed their wisdom about making the mask safer and cleaner! Feel free to exchange advice/tips and leave feedback in the comments section so we can all learn."

Good luck on your creative endeavors!


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