Hello Neighbor: Animated Series Teaser [What Happens after Act 1]

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Tune in for the Test Pilot premiere on Friday:

This is a segment that takes place directly after Act 1 of the original #HelloNeighbor game. This segment will *not* be part of the Test Pilot, we edited it out for pacing reasons. However, it will be part of an extended behind the scenes pilot.

The animated series is co-created by Alex Nichiporchik (CEO of tinyBuild, producer of Hello Neighbor), Nikita Kolesnikov (creator of Hello Neighbor), and Carly Anne West (author of the best selling Hello Neighbor books), and is produced by Yulia Vakhrusheva (Community Director @tinyBuild) and Jon Carnage (previously Live Programming Director at Twitch). Animation by Animasia.
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