'Heads should roll' over Ruby Princess debacle

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Shadow Housing Minster Jason Clare says an “independent inquiry” into the Ruby Princess debacle “has to happen and has to happen now” because of the damage it has inflicted across the nation and in particular north-west Tasmania.

Mr Clare told Sky News the unchecked cruise ship boosted the spread of the virus throughout Australia as one in 10 infections as well as one in three deaths stemmed from the ship.

“There has been a massive failure of border protection here and it just goes to show if you don’t check people when they get off a cruise ship then it can cause all sorts of mayhem and we are witnessing that in Tasmania right now," he said.

“The government beats its chest and says how good they are at border protection, well they did a bad job here and as a result we are seeing bad results,” he said.

“We need an independent inquiry to work out what happened and who is responsible.

"Heads should roll.”

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