Forza Horizon 4 - Mazda RX7 - Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 spider racing Wheel + Gameplay

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Yo What's Up Guys Today I Will Showing You My Gameplay With Forza Horizon 4 using the Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider racing wheel.

This is possibly the best steering wheel for the price. Hope you guys enjoy as I play a game with the Ferrari 458 Spider racing wheel for XBOX. I definately recommended you to get this if, your in a market for a good steering wheel as your first.
As you guys know I haven't uploaded within 2 months just been unmotivated to make videos, but I will try to make videos when I feel like it, thank you to everyone who is still subscribed and watches my videos and likes every time I upload it means alot.

If any comments you guys got? Free feel to leave in the comment section I'll reply :)

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Video Title: Forza Horizon 4 - Mazda RX7 - Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 spider racing Wheel + Gameplay


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions?

1.) What wheel do you play on?
Answer - Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 spider racing Wheel

2.) Does it have forcefeedback?
Answer - No, it dosen't still a fantastic wheel for the price!

3.) What did you play on recording this video? is it PC?
Answer - Nop, I used my amazing Xbox One S :)

4.) Do you recommend this wheel?
Answer - Of course, This is a amazing piece of kit

5.) What did you use to record the wheel cam?
Answer - Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (recorded in 4K)

6.) My wheel dosen't work on pc?
Answer - Sorry mate this wheel is xbox only :)

So hope you guys enjoyed!
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