D'Oh! How The Simpsons' Success In The '90s Led To Modern-Day Failure

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The Simpsons has been a mainstay on American television for 30 seasons now and continues to be staple of Fox programming. Homer Simpson is a pop-culture icon, Bart Simpson coined many catchphrases, and the rest of the characters all of catchphrases of their own as well. So what happens when one of the biggest shows of all-time takes a tumble and becomes loathed, disliked, and nearly ruins its legacy? Welcome to the world of the Simpsons. The Simpsons had the privilege of being a 90’s TV show -- a show that could push boundaries, take risks, and get celebrated for it. Then the show became a shell of its former self, lost a number of fans and tarnished its legacy season after season.

And now 30 seasons in, The Simpsons continues to air, but not with the same fanfare or excitement fans once had. In the modern age, the style and flow of The Simpsons doesn’t meld well together and there are a number of reasons why the show should have went off the air years ago. A reboot of The Simpsons may have worked today, but the problem with the show is the way they have to play catch up with the times, things feel stale, and publicity stunts are used to try and wrangle viewers back in. Watch our in-depth documentary covering the Simpsons, their rise in the 90’s, how Bart and Homer become national sensations, and how the decade that helped with their success also led to their downfall.

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