DC Comics FUTURE STATE, Just Another Name for 5G?

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DC Future State: Publisher Teases New Event for Early 2021

DC released a teaser for Future State, a new event first referenced in Detective Comics #1027 and slated to hit the DC Universe in early 2021.

DC has released a teaser for an upcoming event titled "Future State," with the only details being the storyline will debut in January and February of 2021.
The Future State teaser is from the just-released DC Connect catalog. The naming of the event ties back to another tease for "Generations: Future State" from writer Dan Jurgens and artist Kevin Nowlan's "Generations: Fractured" story in Detective Comics #1027, which was released this week.

"Generations" was rumored to lead into DC's "5G" storyline, which would have reportedly examined different generations of superheroes operating across the DC Universe's extensive history, while also potentially setting up a new future for the iconic characters. However, DC Publisher and Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee confirmed a 5G reboot of the DC Universe is not going to happen.

"There won't be a project called '5G', or a big reboot, or whatever," Lee said during a prerecorded video for fans at DC FanDome. "We really want to focus on individual titles, and organically build up individual characters over the course of the next year."

"If you're waiting for big developments in the DC Universe… Pretty big ones [are] in 2021 across the board, but again it's spread out and approached organically when it makes sense within a particular title so not everything has to tie into a big epic event all at once," Lee added. Fans may be getting a first look at these big 2021 changes when "Future State" arrives in January and February 2021.

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