CS:GO - Best Pro Moments in 360°

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360° Video is best viewed on mobile or tablet.
You have to watch this from inside the YouTube app for it to work!

HOW TO WATCH: Watch it with maximum quality on your desktop on Chrome or with the updated YouTube app on your mobile device. Then simply look around.

I apologise for clips that you may have seen plenty of times even when I'd expect this with their 'legendary nature', nevertheless, my aim was to show a spectators role from a different point of view and I hope you all enjoy the whole 360° video thing as much as I do!

Thank you for everyone who enjoys the videos I make, it means a lot that my mum isn't the only one who watches my videos! Love you all


♫ Song credit goes to:
● Song 1: Instrumental Core - A Crowd Of Gods
● Song 2: Instrumental Core - Dance At The Moonlight

● Outro song:
Gold Front - Jumanji


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