Birthday Gifts From Keely. What did I get? Vintage Toys, 2020 Tins, MOTU, WWF WRESTLEMANIA III +More

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If you'd like me to review anything, you can send it to my PO Box listed below or if you have any fan mail you'd like to send please send that also to my PO box below. I'll open everything I get in a YouTube video and as always, give you a shout out. If you send something and would like something in return, Please add a List of somethings that you collect. Be as Specific as possible. Thank you for watching. Please check out my other videos. Also if there's anything you would like to see me open, feel free to comment below.

Things I Love and Collect:
New York Mets and Yankees
Mike Trout, Bryce Harper & Kris Bryant
Any Baseball Cards. I Love Hall of Fame Rookies and Just Any Vintage stuff.
Any Autograph and Memorabilia Cards
Vintage Wax Packs of All Sports and Non Sports
Any New Packs and Boxes of any Sports and Non Sports (Even the ones you find at Wal*Mart and Target)
Any Pokemon, YuGiOh or Magic Packs
Any Comics And Comic Cards!
Walking Dead Cards!! Love Opening Boxes and Packs of them!!
I Love any old Sports Stuff
I Love any old Cool Paper with Advertisements on it.
I Love Old Magazines!!
I Love old Postcards, Matchbooks
I Love old Fishing Lures.
This List will Grow as I think of New things I'm forgetting!
If you have any of the things above you'd like to send as a Gift or with the Expectations of a Surprise Gift back from your list, Feel free to send whatever you would like!!

Email: Fpspiccij@
Ebay User id: jrspicci
Instagram: jrspicci
Twitter: jrspicci

Fan Mail:

Box 803
Brigham City, UT 84302

Thanks Again!!
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