BELLY DRUM?!? - Pokémon Generation Race Ft. @KingCorphish

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BELLY DRUM?!? - Pokémon Generation Race Ft. @KingCorphish
Welcome to our Pokemon All Generations Race Versus! Today KingCorphish and AstroidmaniaVideos do a VS of every Pokemon Gen. Red and Blue, Gold and Silver, Ruby and Sapphire, Diamond and Pearl, Black and White, X and Y, Sun and Moon, Sword and Shield. All Generations of Pokemon are randomized! In this randomizer nuzlocke versus we'll do every generation of Pokemon back to back! I hope you guys enjoy :D
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Sunday: KingCorphish
Monday: AstroidmaniaVideos
Wednesday: KingCorphish
Thursday: AstroidmaniaVideos
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The Rules:
1. If a Pokemon dies, it is considered "dead" and must be deposited in the PC never to be used again.
2. You must nickname all Pokemon
3. You may only catch the first Pokemon encountered in each route/area
4. The first person to beat Champion Leon in Pokemon Sword and Shield wins
5. After beating the champion of a game, you may move on immediately to the next game in the series
6. There is a gym checkpoint system in place. If someone loses the nuzlocke, they can go back to a save state at the previous gym. If one player is a game ahead, they lose this checkpoint feature and would have to restart the game they're on from the beginning.
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BELLY DRUM?!? - Pokémon Generation Race Ft. @KingCorphish
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