Ban Critical Race Theory In Our Schools | The Matt Walsh Show Ep. 570

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Donald Trump is on a righteous crusade against Critical Race Theory. Now it is time to expand that mission into the schools, where CRT is the most dangerous. Also Five Headlines including the media’s misinformation campaign about what overturning Roe v Wade would actually mean. And in our Daily Cancellation, I’m afraid I have to cancel Amy Coney Barrett, and I’ll explain why.

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00:00 - Opening
02:02 - Ban Critical Race Theory In Our Schools
15:27 - CNN's dramatic prediction on Roe v Wade
19:12 - Real masculinity on display
20:20 - Trump's problematic attitude about popcorn
22:12 - Mel Gibson is making Passion of the Christ 2
25:10 - Antifa takes a mosh break
28:24 - Amy Coney Barrett is cancelled

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