a beginner's crash course in playing the flute | #flutelyfe with @katieflute + FCNY

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Hi friends! In this video I show you all the basics about starting to play the flute, from what flute to buy, to how to make a sound & playing your first notes! Check out the time stamps below to jump to specific topics.

where to buy your first flute 0:49
the best flutes for beginners 2:16
the parts of the flute 3:12
making a sound on the flute 4:05
articulation/tonguing 8:16
practicing on the headjoint 10:22
how to put your flute together 12:38
tuning your flute 14:10
how to hold your flute part I 14:34
how to play C, B, A, & G 16:13
how to hold your flute part II 17:07
eliminating tension when holding the flute 17:37
how to play F, E, D, Bb, and Eb 18:20
switching between playing low notes and high notes 19:58
proper breathing for flute players 20:30
cleaning & caring for your flute 23:25

flutes shown in this video:

-Yamaha 222

-Pearl 500

-Gemeinhardt 2BLK

*find out more about these flutes in my buying your first flute video here:

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The Breathing Gym

Flute 101

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Hi there!! My name is Katie, @katieflute, and I'm a graduate of The Juilliard School who is currently fluting around NYC! If you enjoyed this video, please subscribe for more music related tips & tricks, performances, vlogs, and more :)
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