4 New Idle Heroes Redeem Codes 2021 | Idle Heroes Redeem Code - Codes 2021

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4 New Idle Heroes Redeem Codes 2021 | Idle Heroes Redeem Code - Codes 2021 | Idle Heroes Redemption Codes 2021 | Idle Heroes Codes 2021| Idle Heroes Redeem Code 2021

Hey Guys Today In this Idle Heroes Codes Video I'm gonna Show You 4 New Idle Heroes Redeem Codes 2021. All Of these Idle Heroes Redeem Codes are 100℅ Working One Code Is Recently Updated by DHGAMES but I Will show you 4 Active Redeem Codes Some Codes Are Old But they are Working in March So If You Want Idle Heroes Redeem Codes Then You Have to Watch this Idle heroes Codes Video Completely If You Have Enjoyed the Video then Please Like this Video & Subscribe My Channel For More Idle Heroes Redeem Codes Thanks????

NOTE! Every Redeem code usually expires after a certain date or comes with a limited number of uses, so make sure that you redeem it as soon as you find it.

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To redeem Idle Heroes codes when on the Main Game, press Cool Events in the top right-hand corner of the screen. In this new window that appears, click the Cool Events tab, which is the third tag along, enter the code in the text field by typing them out or Copying & Pasting and press the Exchange button.

If the code was successful, a message will appear that the code has been redeemed and all items have been sent to your Mailbox. If the code hasn't worked, the message CDKey has expired, or Incorrect CDKey will appear

To get to your Mailbox, go back to the Main Game, and on the left side of the screen, they'll be four Circle buttons. Press the one second from the top, the icon that resembles an Envelope. Press that, then select the mail that you want, then press Claim

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