20 Simpsons Mistakes That Slipped Through Editing

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An animated show like the Simpsons goes through script writing, voice acting, storyboarding, basic animatics, coloring, and a whole lot of final editing before it’s ready to air on TV. During this time, there are bound to be multiple errors which make on TV -- and we’ve captured a collection of the biggest mistakes here! These Simpsons errors include duplicated characters, complete outfit changes, and some crazy inconsistencies you wouldn’t believe you missed the first time around!

Watch to see some of the crazier early season mistakes. Remember when Homer was Mr. Plow and helped the students of Springfield Elementary School? Well, there may have been a secret shoveler all along! Remember when Bart wore a “Down with Homework” t-shirt?! Well, what happened to his sweater he took off?! The premiere was The Simpsons was the classic holiday special “Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire” and you’d think the showrunners would have perfected EVERYTHING before debuting the show. Well, this was not the case. The animation itself was a lot more crude than newer seasons, but there’s one mistake that once you notice -- you’ll never miss it again.

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