10 Weird Toys From Around the World

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There is a phenomenon the psychologists call the "uncanny valley" effect. It implies that a robot or other object, looking like a man, but not exactly like the real one, may cause aversion and disgust of the people-observers. This fear is completely irrational but difficult for many people to control. Pennywise from “It” or the Annabelle doll became one of the most creepy movie villains for a good reason.
In today's video, we will show you several harmless toys that may seem revolting or creepy even to adults. And in the end, we will tell you about the creepy dolls and scary rumors that surround them for centuries. Watch the video till the end so you don't miss anything.

00:00 - Welcome!
00:48 - Talking bacon
01:47 - Unusual toy soldiers
03:55 - Anthropomorphic plants
04:45 - Dog with a surprise
05:31 - GIANT microbes
06:31 - Crazy chicken (Preview)
07:33 - Chicken egg
08:02 - Rubber giraffe
09:26 - Mexican doll
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